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PCKT VRTCL Oil Cartridge Pen battery - Superior Vaping Experience


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Introducing the PCKT VRTCL, a sleek and elegant pen-shaped vape battery with advanced temperature control. You can choose from five (5) power modes with different LED colors to find the perfect voltage for your concentrates. The VRTCL has a 380mAh High Capacity lithium-ion battery that lasts all day and delivers smooth hits. It works with any 510 cartridges, whether it has top or bottom airflow. The VRTCL also comes with the PCKT one-year limited warranty. The VRTCL is our new and improved pen-style vape battery, offering unmatched performance in a small and convenient 510 vaporizer. Cartridge Compatibility: The VRTCL can handle various types of cartridges.
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