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Our Story


At Vendor America, we’re not just another business - we’re a beacon of hope in a world where customers are all too often mistreated, overcharged, and ripped off. Our founder has over twenty years of sales experience and has seen the dark side of the industry. But instead of looking the other way, they decided to take a stand and create a company that puts the customer first.

We stand for dignity, pride, and customer service. Our goal is to provide our clients with fair and competitive rates, as well as great customer service. We believe in treating each individual with the respect and honesty they deserve.

At Vendor America, we’re not just selling products - we’re selling a better way of doing business. We strive to offer mutually beneficial pricing that is both fair and competitive. Our customer service is second to none, as we put the needs of our customers first and foremost.

We understand that trust is earned, not given. That’s why we are committed to building lasting relationships with our customers by providing transparent and ethical business practices. With Vendor America, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

In addition to our commitment to fair pricing and exceptional customer service, we also offer discounts to customers who sign up with us. It’s just one more way that we show our appreciation for your business.

Thank you for considering Vendor America for your needs. We look forward to serving you in the best possible way and showing you what it means to do business with integrity.

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