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PRTBL Nando Oil Cartridge Battery - High-Quality Vaping Experience


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Introducing NANDO, the 510 vaporizer that will replace your old lousy 510 stick battery and leave you feeling like you have it all. With four (4) selectable power modes, haptic and light feedback, USB-C quick charging, and error-sensing technology, the NANDO is easy to use and unbelievably powerful. It’s designed to let you consume concentrates like never before. The NANDO works with any 510 cartridge top or bottom airflow with our 510 magnetic adapter connection. It looks and feels all new while still giving you that familiar sensation of the incredibly reliable 510 technology you know and love. Try it today and experience the difference!👌


1-Year Limited Warranty With Accidental Discount Coverage
  • High Capacity 700mah battery of Incredibly Efficient Power
  • Simple 510 Magnetic Connection
  • Fits cartridges up to 11.65mm Diameter Or Need to use an extender
  • 4 Selectable Power Modes
  • Use while charging with passthrough technology
  • Work with almost all top & bottom airflow 510 cartridges
  • Ergonomic design
  • USB-C Quick Charging (Full Charge In 40 Minutes or Less)
  • 3 Light Sensitivity Settings Customizable Haptic Feedback
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